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Buff checklist

The buff/debuff checklist is intended to help any raid lead keep track of all buffs and debuffs present in their roster. In general, a perfectly optimized raid group will have most, or even all of these buffs. That being said your ultimate composition will always be based on the content you're doing and the experience and ability of your group. Use this as a guide but understand that setups are very fluid even at the highest levels in ESO. Sources are generally listed from most common to least commonly used.

This list DOES NOT include buffs that are generally self-supplied (e.g. Minor Force).


KEY: Gear, Abilities (Tree/Class), Passives (Class), Consumables, Other

NOTE: You need either Minor Sorcery OR Minor Brutality based on whether your DPS are stacking spell or weapon damage, respectively. You need either Minor Prophecy OR Minor Savagery, but not both.




Spell Power Cure, Vestments of Olorime

Claw of Yolnahkriin

Aggressive Warhorn (Assault), Saxhleel Champion

Spell Power Potions, Molten Weapons (Dragonknight)

Illuminate (Templar)

Weapon Power Potions, Molten Weapons (Dragonknight)

Mountain's Blessing (Dragonknight)

Roaring Opportunist, Master Architect, War Machine

Frost Cloak (Warden)

Combat Prayer (Restoration), Kinra's Wrath

Exploitation (Sorcerer)

Hemorrhage (Nightblade)

Maturation (Warden)

Blood Altar (Undaunted)

Powerful Assault

Spaulder of Ruin

Symphony of Blades

Master's Restoration Staff


Puncture (S&B), Weakness to Elements (Destro Staff), Unnerving Boneyard (Necro), Deep Fissure (Warden), Razor Caltrops (Assault)

Pierce Armor (S&B), Power of the Light (Templar),

Defiled Dragon

Frozen Colossus (Necro), Turning Tide

Swarm (Warden), Agony Totem (Necro)

Ice Staves + Ice Abilities (in combination)

Stone Giant (Dragonknight)

Martial Knowledge

Elemental Catalyst

Encratis's Behemoth

Glyph of Crushing

Z'ens Redress

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